• Dr David Andrews, Anesthetist, Royal Melbourne Hospital

    We were extremely happy with the services put forward by Smart Home Automation Systems. They offered expert advice that began at the planning stage and carried on right through until completion of installation. Through Smart Automation Systems, we deployed, full data networking, multi-room audiovisual distribution, closed circuit TV, video intercom, and complete home automation that included Clipsal CBUS control of blinds, lights, climate, and security, with remote login and control. All installation was carried out in an efficient and friendly manner. Moreover, we found Paul was always available for advice and was often on site after hours, just making sure that things were OK. Upon completion we have a top quality and modern home automation system that has been seamlessly integrated into our Victorian-heritage inner city residence. Full marks! It will see us through with many years to come.

    Dr David Andrews, Anesthetist, Royal Melbourne Hospital

  • Richard & Tracey Stephenson, Industry Learning & Education Consultants, BHP

    Paul and his team at Smart Automation Systems have helped us with our new home in so many ways.  Paul at the helm is technically brilliant and able to magic electronic and remote controlled systems into life in a way that works for your individual needs, but at the same time is happy to do the fiddly small jobs to help perfect the workings of your home. He has assisted in getting our Cbus set up, setting up new TVs and sound system, even our Wi-Fi and Play Station so that everything talks to each other.  Paul is reliable, always delivers and his after care service is second to none.  We would highly recommend Paul and his team at Smart Automation Systems to anyone looking for assistance in setting up their home with innovation, creativity and attention to detail with the outcome being that your life is made easier!

    Richard & Tracey Stephenson, Industry Learning & Education Consultants, BHP

  • Jake Trevaskis, Recreation Facilities Officer, Hobsons Bay City Council

    Smart Automation Systems Pty Ltd implemented a new Automated Lighting Solution using the Clipsal CBUS Solution at Bayfit, Council’s largest Leisure Centre.  The system controls the pool area, café, administration and consulting areas, using a combination of local motion and light level sensors to provide suitable light levels while reducing our energy costs.  The pool area has several lux sensors to monitor light levels and adjust pool lighting as required throughout the day.  The system is easy to use and is controlled via a secure touch screen behind reception, with staff just requiring to hit a master on when they open up in the morning and an all off at the end of the day. The system takes automatically takes care of the rest based on motion in areas, light levels and time of day. Smart Automation Systems provided initial quotation and reports in a detailed yet easy to understand format, and completed their work in a timely manner and on budget which was important on this job.  I would have no hesitation in using Paul and his team again on future works.

    Jake Trevaskis, Recreation Facilities Officer, Hobsons Bay City Council

  • Nick Christou, Director, The Park Hotel

    Thank you for what has been a seamless transition from antiquated lighting systems to now a cost effective and easy to use operating system that controls every element within our venue.
    Our system installed allows for automatic light modes to adjust based on time of day or evening and in turn creating the desired ambience within the venue. This allows our team to focus on the most important aspect, running the business and yet we still have the ability to manually adjust the lighting accordingly if required.
    At the end of the night our team simply alarm up and our integrated system shuts down our lighting automatically, it doesn’t get easier than that !!
    I highly recommend Smart Automation Systems who can tailor a system to meet your needs and budget.

    Nick Christou, Director, The Park Hotel

  • Andrew and Erika Newman, Director Impak films Pty Ltd

    We are very excited about having the CBUS system in our new home that controls our lighting and blinds is a very sophisticated but easy to use system and having it linked to our phones and iPads was definitely the finishing touch. Paul and his team are very professional and go above and beyond the call of duty to help with whatever he could to make our transition easy he also helped with setting up our LCD, Audio Visual system, Wireless Internet for the home. We would highly recommend Smart Automation Systems for future jobs.

    Andrew and Erika Newman, Director Impak films Pty Ltd 

  • Ray & Georgia Sailah, Director Norstar Steel

    Smart Automation Systems, were terrific to work with.  Our Smart Home multi-room AV solution, allows us to select from an iPad via a single button, which room we are in and what do we want to do - watch either free to air TV, Foxtel, Blu-ray or listen to our Sonos/Spotify system.  The solution allows, for several Foxtel boxes and Blu-ray players in the home to be viewed in any location in full High Definition.  With one press the relevant Smart LED LCD turns on, goes to the right input, turns on the surround system to the correct volume, turns on either the LCD, Foxtel, Blu-ray or Sonos system and we are watching/listening  in a matter of seconds, without the need for any remote controls.  We love the solution and simplicity.  We would recommend Smart Automation Systems, for their innovation in design, quality friendly service throughout the project.

    Ray & Georgia Sailah, Director Norstar Steel.

  • As seen on The Block
    As seen on The Block



Smart Voice is the new platform that is changing the industry. It connects with a range of automation systems, providing voice control of almost any device within your smart home. With a single phrase Smart Voice can turn on the lights, open the blinds, set the temperature on your AC, play your favourite TV show or even make you a coffee. As well as control virtually anything else connected within your smart home. In addition Smart Voice can also provide feedback from your smart devices, such as how much energy you are using or the current temperature.



A new improved method of blind automation is now possible, using Somfy Wireless RTS motorised blinds integrated with the Clipsal CBUS Solution. Significant cost benefits are possible over the existing approach and savings of up to $500 per blind are now possible when automating blinds using this approach.